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One of the best hosts around (as far as value is concerned) has for a long time been HostGator.

HostGator is a pretty free host that let’s you mind your own business allowing you to host nearly any kind of content imaginable. They even let you host websites that contain adult content, which very few hosting companies allow. Not saying to start an adult website, but just saying the option is there.

I feel the alligator character on all their stuff is entirely unnecessary, but it makes sense I suppose, since the company is based in Florida and they apparently have a lot of alligators there. I suspect if you were ever to go to HostGator’s Headquarters in Florida you’d see some alligators for sure! Heck, alligators might even run the company.

However, alligators aside, it doesn’t change the fact that the hosting service you get from HostGator is a cut above the rest, which is why I mostly have good things to say about them in this review. Seriously, HostGator is a great deal, and for many reasons.

HostGator websites load quickly, they use a cPanel which makes things easy, and for the value and stability of what you get, it’s a pretty darn good deal!

The only negative point I see is that sometimes you have to wait a bit to be able to talk to support, but on the flip-side I’ve had times where my wait took less than a minute, so I guess it all depends on the timing.

I love HostGator and they are one of the top hosts I would recommend, you can’t really go wrong with them, so if your looking for an awesome host, I would highly recommend you definitely check them out!

http://bloggerblogger.com/hostgator-special-discountI actually use a few hosts and HostGator is one of them, and if I could only go with one host, HostGator would be one of my top picks for best all around host!

Do I recommend them over a host like iPage whose banner I have up there in my sidebar. Well, if you’re a beginner I’d go with iPage, as they’re a bit cheaper, quite beginner friendly, and good for just jumping into things for the first time in my opinion, but once you know what you’re doing and you’re looking to take things up a notch, HostGator makes for an excellent host! Though I still use iPage, and HostGator for that matter!

What’s actually the difference between HostGator and iPage? Well, HostGator has a full-fledged cPanel (the cPanel is the dashborad where you control your websites) with a whole lot of junk that you don’t even need, but you may need some day, whereas iPage has a very simple cPael which is easy to make sense of for the simpletons like me. However, once you’ve mastered all the icons you can click on in iPage’s dashboard, and if you get bored with it, then you could switch to HostGator.

Though if all you’re going to do is run a blog, then perhaps you don’t need all the bells and whistles that HostGator has, although you might want them if you were planning to do some more funky stuff later.

All of that said, if you were planning to create some blog containing adult content, iPage wouldn’t have you as they simply won’t allow it, so HostGator would be a perfect choice for you in that case.

All in all, HostGator is awesome and will likely be the only host you ever need no matter how many blogs or websites you build, as they’re capable of handling everything that you could ever imagine putting on the Internet!

Click Here to check out HostGator for yourself!