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Divi WordPress Theme

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Once you get a host, you need a dood theme so that you can start things off right with your blog. Sure, you can go with a free theme at first, but there are a ton of advantages to going with a premium theme, such as speeding up your workflow and having an overall nice look to your blog.

I’ve tried most of the premium themes out there and the one that struck me as being the best is a very versatile little theme called Divi (the theme which this blog uses).

Why did we decide to go with Divi and not some other theme. Well, because Divi has something called a visual builder which alliows you to see what you’re designing/editing as you edit it. Sure the WordPress style of writing blog posts is just fine, but after some time you want something more, and Divi is that next level.

What I really like about Divi is that you can pay just once and get support for life, not to mention free updates for life. Now they do have a yearly plan that’s a lot cheaper, but if you plan to be blogging for more than one year, then a good long-term investment in a theme would be Divi.

I’m not going to lie and tell you I’m not biased. I am definietely biased and therefore have to strongly advocate Divi as being the ultimate theme that one could get, the crem de la creme of blogging themes if you will. And I’m not just saying that because I’m biased though, they really are all that. They’re not just a theme, they’re a real-time visual page builder that basically turns your WordPress into a completely new piece of software, a truly easy to use point and click blog/website builder that makes building a blog 10 times efficient, the WordPress we’ve always wanted, and Divi is just that!

Just check out what they have to offer, and then go look at all the other blogging themes, and see if you can find one better than Divi (that offers a lifetime of support and a lifetime of updates, which currently has a user base of 400,00 plus and growing), and if you do find something better, then let me know, as I’d love to hear about it. If there was anything better than Divi I’d be the firt on board. However, I’ve tried them all and nothing beats Divi, not only that, Divi integrates perfectly with Aweber and iPage, two other tools I’m a big fan of.

Click Here to check out Divi for yourself!