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The Hardest Part of Blogging

The hardest part of blogging is hands down finding the motivation to write content. Because after you've written about 50 blog posts about a topic, you start to wonder what more there is to write, but you must continue to find things to write about, you must continue to blog, because without content, you have have no blog.

So what can one do when they run out of stuff to right about? Well, that's when you really need to get creative. I actually recommend to be always thinking about what you can write about, and as soon as you have an idea, you should put it on a list, that you can prevent being in the situation where you have no idea what you should write about.

However, should you find yourself in the situation where you have no idea what to write about. well, than that's when you need to think hard and fast. You can try meditating, or you can try reading your competitors blogs, or you can try going for a hike somewhere and rack your brain about what you should be writing about. Once you have an idea the actual writing of the blog should be relatively easy, but it's coming up with the idea in the first place that is truly the hardest part of blogging.

How To Make Money Blogging

Well, the best way to make money blogging is to make sure you have something that you have some kind of product that is being offered somewhere on your blog that is clear and visible. This product can be your own product, or it can be an affiliate product. It's probably actually better if this is your own product, though promoting affiliate products on your blog is an entirely viable route by which to earn income from your blog and I know many a blogger who choose this route and just put affiliate links and banners all over their blog.

At the end of the day, it is your choice as to which way you want to go in order to monetize your blog, but I'm sure that all bloggers can agree that offering some kind of product is the way to go. And while you might go the affiliate product route because it's easier, you'll actually stand a higher chance of earning a lot more if you are able to create your own product. How does one create their own product? Well, that's an entirely different conundrum.