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A lot of people wonder what paid tools I use when I blog. Just check my side bar, because everything I use is right there.

The combination I use is a bit tricky. If you’ve never even written a blog post though, I’d recommend you check out the Basics section of my site to get you to the point where you’re posting. Click Here to go there!

You’ll have to enter your email in a form at the bottom of the page to be able to see the page. When you enter your email in the form you’ll be put on my list, which means you’ll get all kinds of cool information about blogging from me, such as the latest blogging news, and info on the latest blogging strategies and tools!

Once you’ve figured that out, and you’re posting like a champ, it’s time you take things up a notch and get yourself an autoresponder. Click Here for more info on that.

Once you feel like your blog is ready for the next step, you may want to consider the tools I use, which are all in the side bar.

On top of all that though, I also use a vast assortment of WordPress plugins that you’ll have to join my list to find out about.