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If you’re serious about blogging, you’re going to need yourself an autoresponder. I strongly believe the best autoresponder is Aweber.

Why do I believe Aweber is the best?
Well, for one, all the big money bloggers use Aweber. Secondly, Aweber is the first autoresponder ever created. Thirdly, Aweber has both chat and phone support. Fourthly, their customer service is top-notch. Fifthly, Aweber has an excellent deliver-ability rate, which means they get your message in your customer’s inbox and not in their spam-box.

Well that’s just all fine and dandy, but some of you might be thinking: I’ve got to pay for this thing monthly, that’s ridiculous, why would I pay monthly fees for something I’m not even sure if I really need?

Look, you need it, because if you’re going to grow an email list, you need a service that enables you to do so and as I said, Aweber is the best for that.

Look, I’ve tried Mailchimp, and GetResponse and a bunch of other competing services. You know the real problem with Mailchimp, it’s that they don’t allow affiliate marketing, yes you heard me right, they do not allow you to send affiliate links to your list and if you are caught doing so they will shut you down and you lose your list. Mailchimp is great if you want to email a list anything but an affiliate link, but if you’re going to monetize your list, you will need to start sending affiliate links at one point and Mailchimp isn’t good for that. Don’t believe me, then just contact Mailchimp about it, it’s in their terms of service, they DON’T allow affiliate marketing.

As for GetResponse, they’re a nice polish company and they’re good, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t have phone support. If there is some problem and you have to yell at someone to fix things, you can’t do it with get response. When I have a problem or if something doesn’t work right, I need a fix right away, and so I need support I can call who will fix the problem NOW, and Aweber has that, GetResponse just doesn’t.

I’ve also tried some WordPress plugins that claim to be autoresponders as good as Aweber. Well one that I tried put me on the vendors email list upon buying, and the emails that I got from the vendor selling the WordPress plugin autoresponder were made using his WordPress  plugin autoresponder, they were actually emails made using Aweber. Why would a person sell an autoresponder plugin I thought and not even use it to send me emails? Why would they use Aweber? The answer is plain and simply, because Aweber will get your email in someone’s inbox and not their spam-box.

Now I don’t like paying monthly fees and would love it some WordPress plugin that I pay for once could do the job, and I’ve probably tried just about all of them that exist and I don’t believe any of them can. When first starting out with Aweber, yeah it’s $19 a month and that’s a lot of change, I get it, but you have to look at it this way, it’s a communications expense, just like your cell phone bill, or anything else you use to communicate.

You want to seriously build an email list and wan the thing to go in someone’s inbox, then it’s Aweber. There’s a reason why all the big money bloggers use Aweber and it’s exactly for the reason that it makes them more money than it costs them, because it works, and the emails go in the inbox! I can’t stress that enough, because all the other hundreds of other autoresponders out there simply don’t get in the inbox.

All of this said, what I also like about Aweber is it’s got a simple interface, is easy to use, and they have such excellent customer support that they’ll walk you through everything. You can’t say that about any of the others.

If I do find something better than Aweber, I’ll let you know, but if you want build a list, and email them, then you can’t afford to go cheap on this one. Maybe you could go cheap on your hosting or on some other area, but you don’t want to go cheap on your autoresponder. Trust me on this guys! Aweber is where it’s at. It’s such a powerful tool, and essential if you’re going to build any kind of serious following. If there was something better, I’d be the first to post about it here, but Aweber is without a doubt the best tool you can get for your blog hands down!

Yes, I’m a raving fan of Aweber! And with good reason, as I simply couldn’t do what I do without them! So much so that I’d rather have Aweber than my cell phone, and that’s an understatement!

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