Blogging 101

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Blogging 101 is mostly about blogging vocabulary. To understand blogs, you need to know the terms blog, platform, domain, and web host. Once you have mastered these key elements of blogging, you can enter any conversation about blogging with confidence. After you know what exactly a blog is, you will be on your way to passing the final exam of blogging 101.

Blog is short for weblog, which simply means a series of online posts presented in reverse chronological order. That’s all! Most blogs are text, but there are also photo blogs and video blogs. The rest of blogging 101 has to do with the technical side of things. If you are setting up a blog, you will need a platform, a web host, and a domain. A blogging platform is a computer software program that allows you to write posts and to update your blog. Your platform is also what you use to design the look of your blog, from color scheme to font size. The web host is sort of like the virtual file cabinet where your blog is stored. Your computer communicates with the host when you upload or edit a post. The domain is the online address of your blog, and usually ends in ëdot com’. Now that you know what a blog is, what a platform is, and what domains and hosts are, congratulate yourself! You have passed blogging 101.

Choosing The Right Free Blogging Tools

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There are many free blogging tools on the market, but loading up your blog with all of the free accessories that you can find isn’t necessarily a good idea. While it may be tempting to add a visitor counter, a flashy background, an exciting new font, and a cluster of quirky animated gifs to your blog, this kind of plan can easily backfire. The key to getting the most from free blog tools is being selective.

It is a great idea to learn about all of the kinds of free blogging tools that are available so that you can make an informed decision about what to add to your blog, but try to remember that just because you can have something doesn’t mean that you need it. Practice restraint and only choose the options that you think will really be useful. If you can find out how many visitors are reading your blog by checking your traffic statistics, a visitor counter is likely to add unnecessary clutter to your page. If your blog is text-based, a flashy background can be more of a distraction than an benefit.

Be realistic about assessing what kinds of blog accessories will help you realize your vision and improve your site. Remember that even a blog tool that doesn’t cost you any cash may not be an asset in the long run.

Blogging For Business Owners

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If you run a small company, you may find that the world of blogging for business owners is a world that you want to be a part of. Blogging is a great way to get the word out to consumers about your product or service, and it can even be useful for inspiring employee loyalty and helping you keep your workers at peak morale. If you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level, consider what starting a blog might be able to do for you.

Blogging for business owners has a lot in common with all other types of blogging, but it has its own unique pitfalls and strengths. The key to having a successful blog as a business owner is keeping your goals clear and concrete at every step of your blogging adventure. It can be all to easy to get sidetracked, especially if you are just learning about the exciting possibilities of blogging technology, but if you want your blog to succeed you need to stay focused. Write up a plan for how often you will update, how you will promote your blog and retain readers, whether you will feature photographs or video, and other aspects of your blog, and then stick to it with the same kind of determination that you used when you built your company.

Why I Switched From A Mac To A Chromebook

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While this post has nothing to do with blogging, it does have to do with the interface we use for blogging, and why I switched from Mac to Chromebook and will never look back.

You see that luscious piece of junk in the photo above. That’s my Mac, and I decided to sell it and use a Chrombook, and I’m proud to do so.

A little background about me, I have an iPhone 6 and have been a diehard Mac user. However a string of events happened that allowed me to see the dark side of Apple that I ever knew existed which converted me forever away from Macs.

I used to have another Mac, a mid 2012 model built 5 years ago, it served me fine until one day one of my friends came over drunk, spilled water on it, and that was the end of that Mac. He never offered tonoay for it or anything, and I never talked to that friend again.

Thank the heavens my hard drive was still intact. Anyway, so I bought a Mac, and another mid 2012 model built in 2015. That model was a nightmare, a lemon of a Mac that constantly broke down on me: it broke down a total of 4 times, which meant 8 trips to a repair shop for me, not to mention weeks of being not able to work wit no computer, and all this while I was travelling and needed my computer to work more than ever.

The last time 2nd to last time I got the Mac back from the shop thinking it was finally repaired, the hard disk was erased, luckily I had backed my files up to the cloud. however, I had to undergo a lengthy restore of all my data which before it was all said and done my Mac broke down yet again!

Tired of not being able to work while my competitors pass me by, I had no choice but to buy some kind of spare computer. So I looked for something used I could buy right away from someone in my area and I ended up buying a Google Chromebook for $100.

I had always been a Gsuite user, so a Chromebook just seemed to fit. My expectations were low for the unit, but I had no idea how much value I’d actually get for my $100. The sheer speed and ease of use of my little Chromebook blew me away. I could do 80% of everything I had done on my Mac on this little Chromebook, and I quickly figured workarounds for the other 20% I couldn’t do, and started to like the Chromebook much better than the Mac.

I quickly learned to keep all of my important data in the cloud and bought a little SD card for storing videos. If someone ever spilled water on my Chrome or if it ever broke down, they’re so cheap that I could just buy another one and not even think twice and be back to work like nothing ever happened.

The whole concept of the Chromebook is genius, everything is kept in the cloud and the Chromebook merely acts as am interface to it all. No need for Apple Care (my Apple Care was coming up for renewal), no need for to worry about breaking the thing. And best of all, my Chromebook is light and highly portable and lighting fast compared to a Mac.

Now, there are some negatives with the Chromebook, as in it can’t handle advanced video editing or advanced photo editing apps like photoshop. Though there are editing software in the cloud that I soon learned to work with.

By the time my Mac came back from the shop I wouldn’t even miss it, and I didn’t need it anymore. This little Chromebook of a dream machine did it all, and better!

Now let me tell you about the terrible support I reveived from Apple upon, when I called them. I was furious with them telling them my Mac was a lemon and that I would expect a company like Apple to fix the problem and deliver a new Mac to my door.

They insisted that it wasn’t lemon, and they refused to deliver a new Mac to my door. Perhaps my expectations are a little high, but I paid $1,500 for the thing and I expect that level of customer care and support. Heck, I have always given that kind of level of support to my clients, and when Apple refused to give me what I would consider to be just a standard level of supprt, I snapped, and I gave up on Macs forever!

Even worse, I’m now trying to sell the thing, and people are telling me it’s a mid 2012 model, and calling me a liar for placing an ad stating that it was built in 2015. They won’t believe it was built in 2012, worst I soon realized there was no way yo prove what year it was built.

So I turned to contacting Apple support yet again, explaining my problem in that I’m trying to sell my Mac and it is being severely undervalued. “I need proof from Apple that this thing was built in 2015!” I pleaded with Apple.

The rep I was talking to said to me, “your problem is not a support problem, there is nothing wrong with your computer, and there is no way to confirm a build year.”

I was like “are you f#*%~ing serious? Yu have no way to confirm the year my computer was built?”

There were thord party sites online that when I plug in my Apple serial number, it would spit out “built in the 2nd half of 2015.” However, a third party website is not confirmation from the manifacturer and Apple refused to confirm the build year.

I had bought my computer less than a year ago, it is still under its first year of Apple care, and people are making me offers like it’s some ancient used computer and calling me a liar if I try to claim it was built in the 2nd half of 2015.

All of this just strengthened my disgust for Apple. The feelings I walk away with as I try to sell my Mac is Apple support amd Apple doesn’t care about me or about the customer experience with their products, Macs are not worth the money, Apple Care is not worth the money, and I’ll never lay my hands on a Mac again!

Say what you will, but Apple was once a good company, its products used, but now they don’t care about the customer anymore, because they have so much money that no one is going to influence their business. There is no fear factor driving them to please customers. The support is horrendous, going through a whole rigamarole of taling to geniuses who aren’t geniuses, waiting for repairs, etc., takes a toll on a person.

I’ve tried to give Apple the benefit of the doubt, but reality is they sold me a lemon! A lemon I can’t sell at a decent price, because everything about the unit screams the year 2012. And so I’m forced to count my losses and hope someone gives me a few hundred dollars for the thing, though I’m gonna shoot for as high as I can get.

All in all, this experience has been eye opening for me! And you might call me mad, but I am conpletely done with Macs forever! Though I still like my iPhone. Apple’s support has motivated to give up on the company forever, and never stop telling people of the horrors of the Mac and Apple support’s terrible customer support until my dying day!

With all that said, I would like to give praise the Chromebook, and have chosen this wonderful creation as my blogging weapon of choice. No blogger should be without one!


A Great Idea For a Blogging Web Site is No Longer Enough

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Because there are so many blogs and web sites about blogs on the internet, it can be tough to distinguish your blogging web site from all of the others. Whether you are starting up a new web site aimed at bloggers or whether you are looking to make your existing blogging site more distinctive, the key to building and maintaining a site that will capture the interest and attention of the blogging community is finding your niche. If you can fill a unique need in a way that no other web site does, you’ll be able to build a lasting readership among web surfers. Once you have discovered a niche, you will still have a lot to do, but finding your place in the blogosphere is the place to begin.

Every great blogging web site starts with a great idea, and you can’t build a successful site that will last without one. There are many great sites aimed at today’s bloggers, and competition for the attention of this growing demographic is fierce. To make your blogging web site stand out from the pack, you will need to offer something that no other site is currently offering, or you will need to do the same thing that an already popular site does but in a more impressive or valuable way.

One way to discover an ideal model for your blogging web site is to look at the sites that have successfully captured a blogging audience already to determine if you can appropriate some of their strategies to help realize your vision. Of course, you will also need to add a unique flair to your project in order to stand apart from your competition. Many people agree that the web sites that do the best in today’s market are the sites that have the most personality. The fiercely individual surfers who are bloggers are a demographic that responds especially strongly to personality, so consider how you can give your site a unique and attractive feeling by lending your own voice and sensibility to your site’s design and content.

Once you have a great idea for your site, have pinpointed a special niche that you are well equipped to fill, and have infused the site with personality, the next step is figuring out how to get the word out to bloggers. In the long run, a great idea just isn’t enough to propel your blogging web site to success. You will need to draft a smart and realistic marketing plan in order to draw readers to your site. Once you hook a blogger, your great content will keep them coming back, but it is vital to get that first glance or your site won’t have a chance to shine.